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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kabusacki 10 / Luck released in Argentina and Japan

Kabusacki 10

(Houses Records Argentina, Calentito Records Japan)

28 brand new tracks of the most colourful Kabusacki music featuring special guests such as Fernando Samalea, Santiago Vazquez, Paula Shocron, Matias Mango, Alejandro Franov, Mussa Phelps, Maxi Trusso, Barbara Togander,
Maria Eva Albistur, Rosario Ortega, Victoria Zotalis, Mariana Pereiro, Maia Monaco, Alejandro Oliva and Gabriel Spiller among others!!!

1 El Capitan
2 The V-Bass
3 Piano
4 Suerte!
5 The monks
6 La niña del día
7 Toledo
8 It's only light
9 Rosario misteriosa
10 Capullito azul
11 The Saints in Heaven
12 The heat
13 People of the world
14 Tumbleweeds I
15 El espíritu de la alegría
16 El pibe
17 El molinero
18 La provincia invisible
19 Tema de amor
20 Angel of light
21 Como el agua clara
22 In my heart, forever
23 El burrito
24 No me digas que me quieres...
25 Tumbleweeds II
26 Lady's gone
27 Halconcito pichon
28 Mi árbol de lilas

Produced by Fernando Kabusacki

Fernando Kabusacki: electric, virtual and synthesized guitars
Fernando Samalea: cymbals, snares, toms and percussion
Santiago Vazquez: percussion, Handsonic and ThumbJam (3)
Javier Martinez: snare drum and cymbals
Gabriel Spiller: drums and percussion
Alejandro Oliva: percussion
Miguel Bassi: bass
Marcos Rocca: bass
Paula Shocron: piano and Rhodes (18, 24)
Matias Mango: keyboards
Alejandro Franov: keyboards and accordeon
Mussa Phelps: turntable, samples and synthesizer
Maxi Trusso: vocals (4,13,20,22,26)
Barbara Togander: vocals (4,7,15,18,21,26)
Victoria Zotalis: vocals (4,11,13,15,24,26,27)
Maria Eva Albistur: vocals (8, 11)
Rosario Ortega: vocals (20)
Mariana Pereiro: vocals (1,6,10,23
Maia Monaco: vocals (1,6,10,23
Uma Kabusacki: voice (17,28)

Recorded by Kabusacki and Marco Bailo (Estudio Concreto)
Mixed by Daniel Ovie
Mastered by Andres Mayo

Design by Juan Jaureguiberry
Photo: Manuel Archain
Produced, arranged and recorded in Coghlan, Buenos Aires, 2010
Improvised by the players
Piano improvised by Santiago Vazquez
Featuring audio excerpts from William S. Hart's Tumbleweeds
Additional engineering by Enzo Ruscio
Assistant mastering engineer at Andres Mayo Mastering: Ezequiel Morfi

Thanks to all family, friends and musicians who made this record possible.

To the loving memories of Ken and Alice Lawton

Houses Records 500

"Fernando Kabusacki is a strikingly original & powerful guitarist, who's greatest asset is his humanity & clarity of vision." (Vernon Reid, November 2010)

Prensa : Marta del Pino / / / 154 172 6703

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