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Friday, June 17, 2011

Luck facts

- In each piece of Luck, each sound sounds exactly where it has been recorded, nothing was moved around or copy/pasted. Only Dbs up or Dbs down. If there's flow in the album, this is one of the keys.

- Some of the musicians, like Barbara Togander and Fernando Samalea, came to the studio on this train...

- Coghlan: the old train station across my studio. At one point I considered using a photo of the station for the album cover:

There is a very beautiful painting by Argentinean artist Aniko Szabo of this station.

- Santiago Vazquez' percussion kit (in my studio session) consisted in a Roland Handsonic, a suitcase full of percussive instruments and a Talking Drum. He also used the floor and carpet as drums on some tracks.

- During a most inspired moment while recording one of the takes by pianist Paula Shocron a loud drill noise from the neighbors' began sounding very loud....we exploded in laughter but she kept playing...superbly!

The piano that Paula used, a Nord Electro:

- Mr Mussa Phelps at the end of the session. Sunset is my favorite time of the day in my studio...

Here's the keyboard that Mussa Phelps used: Indigo

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